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Our Vision

Together, with partners, our personnel create innovative data capture solutions that enhance business intelligence for our client base.

Our Mission

TouchStar will delight our clients with our ability to deliver innovative products and solutions on a ‘turnkey’ basis, underpinned by an unparalleled attention to detail and customer-centred philosophy.

Our Focus

We are focused on five key business strategies:

  • Further penetrating existing markets by forging stronger customer and partner relationships, including alliances with independent software vendors and third party hardware manufacturers
  • Expanding into new markets, where we offer a compelling solution set to meet specific sector / geographical customer requirements
  • Inspiring our personnel and clients by building on our track record of high-performance teamwork and collaboration
  • Intensifying R&D innovation throughout our organisation and delivering unsurpassed quality and performance in our products and solutions
  • Maximizing operational effectiveness with lean, world-class operations underpinned by an investment in personnel, appropriate technologies and business tools to improve functional performance across the Group